Sunday, November 07, 2004

Keepin' the Faith with the Yup Yup Brotherhood

Liza had called Jerry Lee every day and often multiple times a day during the period prior to the divorce. Noler told her repeatedly that it would NOT happen with the two of them. “It’s an honor system among guys…you don’t mess with your friend’s ex.” For some reason, probably because he knew that she needed to get out, Jerry had listened and talked the entire 6 months that it took for Liza and Noler get their lives separated and the divorce final. Once it was over, all of that changed.

He was still seeing Pammy and being used for all he was worth, mostly because he felt an obligation to be there for her teenage boys. Jerry had grown weary of Liza’s constant whining about the hardships of the divorce that she had “gotten because of him.” He had never asked for any of this, and now he was stuck with a woman who loved him with a passion whom he didn’t love back.

Liza picked up the pieces and tried to move forward with her life. She went out occasionally, when she had a few extra bucks. Mostly she stayed around the house and amused herself with WooHoo chatting.

Mastertheif2000: hey baby…kiss kiss

Eliza_jane: why, hello mr. Bond

Mastertheif2000: and how is my baby today?

Eliza_jane: oh I’m fine now that I’ve heard your sexy voice

Mastertheif had a microphone and much preferred using it for chat rather than typing his words. His “status” was apt to be anything from “My name is Bond…..James Bond” to “Chillin’ like a villain” . He would ramble on and on forever about social problems and new screen names and off the wall topics. Liza often thought he was high as a kite. One day he sent her this “creation” that was just for her:


its you that i think about. the sound of your voice. the way your eyes reflect the beautyyou hold inside. the way you turn your head when you might be embarisedor the way you laugh. how your eyes widen and your smile when you help someone and they give you a hug. the way you smile. how you lie on your bed and talk to me. how you make me feel welcome and important. the way your eyes reach into my soul and see what has been rejected by others.the way you put me on a pedastal and look at me as the winner of your heart. the way your beauty shines through and invites my heart to come in with out with out fear. its true that actions speak louder than words and everything about you tells me that your an angel decending from heaven to take me away. when i talk to you nothing else matters. i used to feel alone and there is no other pain like it. the nagging lonliness filling my heart, but now i dont feel it any more. i feel the warmth,carring,compassion,and beauty both inside and out and most of all i feel al the goodness that is you that is you drawing me in and al li want to do is say yes .but i have to watch out, so i dont get lost in the world around me and all its complications. id rather get lost in you,your eyes and your heart and never come out. that is why i say its you. its you and everything about you that i treasure and cant wait til we meet and finally comenserate what we have and feel with a kiss. and we hold eachother and intertwine our spirits as one.

Liza was so touched that she cried when she read his gift. She questioned herself daily on her decision to abandon the marriage, and as the loneliness became heavier she felt inadequate to deal with the world that she had chosen for herself. She and justanothervoiceonethenet had cyber sex and he later asked why she settled for that when the real thing was available. The honest truth is that she was scared to death. Twenty years of faithfulness to one uninterested man had left her feeling quite undesirable and not at all sure of herself.

Later that year, during college football season Liza decided to join her friends at the bar to watch the big game. They drank beer and hooted and cheered on their team and gossiped about whoever was there. She had not seen or heard from Jerry in months but had heard through the grapevine that he and Pammy were through for good. As the outside light shone into the darkened bar from the opening door, she spotted them. Jerry and Pammy and another couple she’d never seen before. They proceeded through the rowdy crowd over to a pool table on the other side. Pammy was still wearing the clothes she’d had on the night before as a waitress at another local bar.

Liza sat staring at them with her friends Angie and Suzy close by in a booth. Both knew what she had been through because of her feelings for Jerry and both had had just enough beer to feel feisty. “I’m going over to say something to her”,Angie proclaimed. Now Angie is someone you don’t want to mess with. She’s from Gibson County which is a notorious breeding ground for rednecks. She’d love nothing better than to shoot somebody if given a half-ass reason. Liza and Suzy watched as she sauntered over and spoke to Jerry and Pammy at the pool table. Jerry had made a point of ignoring every friend in that bar as he entered, because he knew that they all hated Pammy. He was just that way…..loyal to a fault to a gal who was using him what she could get out of him. Love is blind and all that garbage.

When Angie returned to the girls table, Liza felt brave enough to approach Pammy on her own. She eased over to the area where they were as if to take a potty break. “Hey Pammy…how are you?” Her voice dripped sarcasm. Jerry Lee steadily ignored the women. “Umm…Pammy. What’s this I hear about you and these other two guys…Dickie Miller and Jason?”

The bitch came unglued! “What business is it of yours?” she shouted. Liza glanced toward Jerry for support and saw none. “Oh, just things I’d heard. I thought Jerry might be interested.” With that she ambled back to the booth where her friends were waiting. They whispered and muttered and returned their attention to the rest of the crowd and the game.

Within about 10 minutes, Pammy stalked toward the door of the bar with Jerry Lee sheepishly trailing her. In her loudest voice she screamed across the room at Liza “ Bye Bitch!” and they were gone. Liza didn’t know it, but Pammy left with the other couple, livid with Jerry that she had been mocked by his friend.

Later that evening, Liza called Jerry. “Do you hate me?” she asked. “I’m not too happy right now” he replied. Liza knew in her heart that she had lost the love of her life, even as a friend. Things couldn’t get much worse in the romance department for either of them.

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