Monday, November 08, 2004

As the Eagle Flies

Lone Eagle was one of the first chat buddies that Liza made. Late one night as Babygirl and her friends were outside partying around a bonfire, he had sent a private message to Liza.

Loneagle: hi..i see you’re close to nashville

Eliza_jane: yes I am, about 80 miles north

Loneagle: my name is mike nice to meet you

Eliza_Jane: liza here…and same to you

Loneagle: are you married?

Eliza_Jane: nope…are you?

Loneagle: yes I am, but we can still chat right?

And chat they did, for well over a year and never met in person. Their conversations centered on their children and life histories. Over time they became the best of friends and knew just about everything about the other thanks to lengthy keyboard sessions and phone calls.

One cold wintry evening Liza sat folding clothes and watching TV. Her phone rang and she checked the caller ID….Hmm. Not a familiar number.

“Liza, this is Mike”. Mike? Mike who! “I’m in town and thought I’d come by to meet you in person. Liza was in her flannel pajamas and in for the evening. “Sure…why not” she replied. Directions were given and Mike was at her door within 15 minutes. When she heard the knock, she looked up to see a prematurely gray haired man with glasses peering through the door. “Come in she said!” and hugged him warmly. She was shocked at his appearance because the picture that she had seen was made when his hair was still black and he was 10 years younger. Still, he was attractive. The gray hair was sexy and his eyes were Paul Newman blue behind those wire- rimmed glasses.

It took several minutes for Liza to catch her breath after the shock of meeting her longtime online friend. They knew each others’ souls and histories already after a year and a half of chatting, yet the real person was right in front of her for the first time! They talked for a bit and as her emotions came to the surface she began to cry. “Thank you for listening to all of my problems” she said tearily. “ But you have listened to mine as well” Mike replied. “That’s what friends do”.

It was as if all of the pain of her divorce and disappointment with love came tumbling out in the safety of this old friend’s presence. Mike was disturbed by her tears. “ What’s wrong?” he asked. “It’s just so overwhelming to finally meet you in person”. She continued to fold towels ….nervous energy over the raw emotions she was displaying.
Mike got on his knees beside the clothes hamper and held her hand as she sobbed. “You will be just fine”he said. “ You are a beautiful intelligent woman with a lot to offer someone. I’m surprised you haven’t been snatched up already!” As he rose to prepare to leave, Liza got up from the couch to see him to the door. He hugged her warmly and found, to his surprise, that she wouldn’t let go. She couldn’t! Liza had missed the warmth of human touch more than anything during her alone time…. Especially the feeling of a man’s arms around her.

They stood silently in the embrace and she listened to his breath. His hands were sure and gentle and they found their way under the flannel to warm soft skin. Liza groaned with pleasure. Her lips found his quickly and the passion was ignited like a gas fire. She led him to her bedroom where she promptly shed the flannel and started on his clothes as well. They made love tenderly and with a familiarity that seemed not at all like a first encounter, but as familiar as a roadmap.

“Let’s take a shower together” he said , as they lay wrapped up in the afterglow. Liza was not at all self conscious with him, and she joined him in the warm spray lathering his back and allowing her hair to be gently shampooed. “I’m gonna wash those fleas right outta my hair” he sang giddily as he soaped up his own head. Liza couldn’t help but giggle. His humor was constant and joyful and she needed that in her life desperately.

After he had left to go back to his hometown, she lay in bed and wondered about what she had done. It was a first for her…with a married man. She pondered all of the complications and the morality as her phone rang. “ Are you okay?” Mike asked. He had long since dealt with the guilt and pain that had accompanied his first affair and was now concerned that Liza would be overcome with those same feelings that had almost taken him under months ago. “ I really enjoyed your company tonight” he said. Liza replied “ It was just what I needed”. They talked for a few more miles and then said their goodbyes. Liza slept like a baby!

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