Friday, November 12, 2004

If only Nate weren’t gay! Liza chuckled to herself as she watched him magically re-design another room while looking extremely hot on TV. She was cooking dinner for the first time in eons just because she finally knew what she wanted…..a chicken and broccoli dish with a lemon cream sauce…umm UMMM.

Two days of November rain had given way to the slightest hint of a sunset. For once, she and Dr. Bill were equally appalled at “some people’s kids” and the way they can manipulate parents. The spoiled brat du jour was a college student who cried to Daddy that “all her friends” were going to Florence that weekend and she needed credit card privileges. OMG. Afternoon TV had given Liza a whole new look at how other people live and breathe the fairytale life and run their addictions into the ground.

Liza knew that she was an addiction for Mike. His life was so miserably entrenched in duty and obligation and micromanagement that she served as a welcome escape from all that obligatory “good boy” stuff. Enough already. In the words of The Eagles…..”Get OVER it!”

Music had always been Liza’s salvation. Back in the day… was all about an eclectic mix of rock and roll plus some blues and country plus sweet singin’ guys like James Taylor and Elton John. The housecleaning chores were best accomplished with Aretha or Dixie Chicks or Linda Ronstadt on loud and strong. Liza’s LP collection was one that anyone with a turntable would covet. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a functional turntable anymore!

Rvrguy had sent her some CD’s of JT back when they were chatting and she wore them out for awhile. Even now, three years later….”The Water is Wide” could bring her to tears from the first notes.

The water is wide
I can cross over….

And both shall row, my love and I.

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