Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Raw Courage

Lord, girl. Where in the world has the time gone since I was laying in the labor room trying to change my mind about bein' a momma. Almost 24 years have passed since then! You were one great big pain in the coochie for about forty eight hours, give or take a contraction.

When I watched you leave this afternoon with JW, I knew in my heart that were you safe and happy and enjoying the equal sort of relationship that can be explored and grown into comfortably. That's what gave me the guts to turn his ass back toward Memphis before he ever got to the 'burg. You know...HIM. I can't say that he's ever been mean to me or anything other than totally attentive when there's a chance to get laid. It's been a whole lot of fun with the four-wheelers and dogs and stuff. Something clicked today though. My thoughts were exactly this:" Why the hell would I pass up beer on the porch with my dogs just to be your bootie call?" That was all she wrote.

I think that you and I are looking for the same things in a relationship and I think that they are very realistic expectations for a gal to have at both of our ages. "Drop the baggage at the door or at least give it the old college try." "Pick up your shit." "Pay half the rent." High maintenance, we ain't.

I guess I just wanted to tell you that I love you more than ever and that I'm so proud of who you are that I could bust a gut. You are taking what's been given to you as a gift and using it for the common good. I like that in a kid that I lived with for almost 24 years.

Now. Put on your jammies and go to bed.


Because I said so.

Love ya. Mean it. ^j^

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