Thursday, April 24, 2008

Girl Power

Today was very special at the day job. Everybody and their brother that we've ever worked with has showed up with a present of some sort to celebrate our special week. I filled in at the front desk for Jo. Her daddy died last week after a long bout with being lost after his wife left him for greener pastures and lots of harps. It's a whole 'nother world up there ya'll. Trust me.

I'm usually the blood bank lady but we rotate jobs and get 'er done when shit happens. Lord knows, everybody hates to see somebody die...especially sick and alone. My ministry started up there on the conrete floors that I walked as a younger woman. I remember walking into Tullos' room and his wife was beside herself because she knew he was gonna leave her. He was struggling hard not to die and cause grief to his wife and kids but it got to be too much for his little smartass self. She told me later I was an angel, and by golly I believed it that day.

My friends Yaya and Pam are in Margaritaville right about now over in St Louis Missouri and enjoying some live parrothead action with Jimmy and company. Redneck Friend is at home shoveling mud out of the back of her house. Me? I'm just ready to go to sleep and eat some more. We're having a cookout at the bosslady's house tomorrow to wrap up the weeklong celebration of OCD folks who work in a lab near the Forked Deer river. Sounds like fun, huh?

Haven't talked to Mama in a few days so I figure all is well. Bubba came by earlier in the week and we talked out in the front yard about the state of our union. It's all up in the air which ain't a good place to be when you're our age. I love that boy, 'ya know? He would drive that John Deer to hell and back just to help a girl out. I'm about to think that this global warming thing might be for real, only I haven't figured out who's lying the most about where the money is. Stay tuned for early updates from the mainstream.

Just now, when I let Butterean in, I heard the train rolling by in Southtown. I thought about my friend the Eagle who has a shop close to the tracks where he makes signs for businesses. DeSoto county, I believe. His momma passed away a year or so ago and he hasn't shed a tear since then. Or so he says..sometimes guys lie about that shit. He's kinda cute but has that Catholic guilt thing going on and I'm way too tired to deal with all of that. Me and him used to ride four wheelers with brown dogs on our heels back in the day when he loved me enough to travel. Gas is expensive now.

Sue came back to work today and brought us lunch. It was heavenly to see her again, especially with great food in tow. She cried and we all hugged a whole bunch. Can't beat that with a stick! She gave me this book one time about porches and how much wisdom gets born there on a swing or in the dirt, diggin' for dear life. Don't ask me for the numbers because I'm not a math me on that one.

My babygirl is working her ass off to get a break and I so admire that in a woman. Bitch better bring me a Santana t-shirt is all I'm saying about that. Mother's Day is coming up soon :) The reason I know this is that the peonies are about to bloom and Hallmark says so, in no particular order. We're working on the menu for the big dinner early next month. So far the house is lookin' a lot cleaner, thanks be to buckets and mops and a large dose of faith.

There are sooooooooo many other women people who have taught me to be strong. This seems like a good place to tell the story of us.

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