Saturday, February 13, 2010

the shack

As long as I can remember that's where that family stayed when they visited the farm that I call home. There are four kids who jointly own the 1300 acre wildlife preserve...with a parcel to each of their children as well. Wonder who will win out in the end? I know several of them and have little respect for the way they have honored my father and mother. Oh yeah...they're giving them a lifetime dowry at the log cabin, all the while knowing that they'll be gone to glory soon. Not a one of the heirs has said thanks for a job well done.

They were born and raised in Traverse City. Scrub and Betsy and their girls came down often when the kids were younger but I haven't seen them in years. The older brother who has taken charge of the accounting paid us a visit in the fall. That was when I got on bended knee and cleaned out Daddy's home office...fifty plus years worth of faithful servitude to the lay of this land. Dude packed up all the papers and got on a plane back to Michigan as soon as he could. Strictly business.

That spot behind the dairy barn is the best view of the whole place.

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