Wednesday, October 03, 2007

somebody loan me a dime

Shortly after we got back together we went to bankruptcy court over in Jackson. The total was around 40K, give or take some change....most of it credit card debt. I reaffirmed on my car and several other loans granted by personal friends. The ex was facing court on possible felony drug charges so I borrowed what I could from the credit union for the legal fees. The cop that brought him in said to save the money and trust the judge to be fair with his justice. That was an expensive lesson, if you ask me.

The next four years went by in a blur with the Babygirl into all sorts of drama as teenagers tend to do just because they can. The marriage was coming unraveled about as quickly as a bad tire on the Daytona track. I worked. He worked. We both drank just enough to forget why we were there. It was a finishing/up/of/ business in a way...the rest of the raisin' of the girl. Her graduation night was hot as hell up in that Dyersburg High School gym. Kristen was in the choir, along with lots of other classmates that she adored and we had helped raise. We had separated the end of March at my insistence. I was desparately in love with a guy who didn't feel the same way about me but, what the hell. At least I knew what real love was about. You win some and you lose some.

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