Monday, June 13, 2005

A Letter to my Creditors

To Whom It May Concern:

I cannot and will not pay you as long as your company continues to charge me late fees and illegal interest and harass me with calls from India. My loyalty and dollars will go to those who have helped me during the hard times. Go ahead and sue me. I have no assets, like most of the victims of your promises of easy money.

First and foremost I will pay the following:

The local drugstore which allows me to charge co-pays for a couple of months so that I can take the meds that I need. 1.5% interest.

The neighborhood grocer, who still believes in credit for folks with a job who are trying very hard to survive. No interest.

My ex-dentist who charges 8% interest so that his children can remain spoiled rotten.

10% tithe. Not to a big organized religion, but to the work of the Lord as I feel led to contribute.

My family and friends who have loaned me cash and goods since my divorce to keep me solvent and comfy. Too many to list. When I hit the lottery, I’ll pay them all back. Plus interest and homemade cookies.

Should you decide to take legal action, I will gladly take you on. My attorney loves the little people. He doesn’t charge interest either.

Yours truly,