Monday, May 16, 2005

Special Fried Rice

I can create the damndest good things in the kitchen when I'm in the mood. Tonight it was fried rice Chinese style with pre-cooked ingredients from the freezer plus a few fresh thihngs like cold rice and soy sauce and eggs and onions.

From the freezer I found Italian carrots and chicken and some green onions: Here's the recipe:

Brown a cup of onions in one T of oil. Stir in 4 slightly beaten eggs until almost set. Put aside.

In 2 T oil, brown chicken ( or pork or shrimp ) and some cashews plus carrots. Add soy sauce til it simmers just right.

Pour in 4 cups of COOKED cold rice and stir it good. Then add the egg'n'onion stuff. Stir some more. It there are chives around, chop 'em up and sprinkle on top. It'll work without them.

Eat. Pat self on back. Eat some more.

Take leftovers to work for the hungry bunch.

Plus Sister Schubert's :)

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