Tuesday, April 12, 2005


According to his babygirl, Mr. Frog had no peripheral vision. If it wasn't straight in front of his windshield, he couldn't see it. That particular winter day it was cloudy and rainy as he took off down the hill and over to the crossover on that busy highway in his truck. His wife and grandson were behind him on the mission to town.

The truck loaded with logs came out of nowhere on the road to somewhere important and Mr. Frog never knew what hit him. There's a blessing in everything and that was a big one for all concerned. When tragedy strikes that quick, you gotta look for those blessings real hard.

His girl was hanging out at work when her husband called with the news. They took off like a shot to the scene of the accident 20 miles south. What they found was a cleanup effort on a major highway with her Daddy's life in question. Rescue workers pried him out of the truck and loaded his limp body into the ambulance to head for the nearest hospital. By the time Lynn and Mike got there they were ambulance chasers to the next town.

The ER doc begged Lynn not to put herself through the torture of seeing her lifeless Daddy. She was already hysterical and didn't even know he was dead. Daddy's girl picked up his flannel shirt and held it for years every time she missed him.

"Help us", said Mike when he called. Liza knew what he meant and tracked down the doc for some drugs to ease the shock. Liza and the Little General piled up and drove to the scene of horror. They found Lynn standing on the edge of the highway in shock. Slowly, the story unfolded.

Frog's wifey Fran had been buggin' him to get the car worked on. Fran is a high strung kinda woman who doesn't give up easy on what she wants. She and her grandboy Brad piled up in the car to follow Frog to the shop and get that thing done. They saw the huge truck mow him down in the middle of the highway while they waited to cross over.

It rained all day on funeral day.... not just a trickle but a damn downpour that made the tents and umbrellas imperative for the faithful. There were family members from all over and church members galore. Liza and Joe followed all the way to the burial in the mud.

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