Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Ending the war...by Ms Doris

Just had to write you to tell you of my plan. There has been a young girl on CNN all day playing and singing a song that she wrote. It is entitled YES WE CAN. Her playing leaves much to be desired, her voice is terrible and the piano is out of tune. I don't think that i can stand another repeat performance. So, the last time I heard it, I decided that we could drive the
Taliban and leaders of Afganistan crazy if only we would make a million tapes of her performance and play it over really loudspeakers constrantly and in no time i feel sure they would vow and declare they would never attack us again if only we would destroy all of the tapes. If you have not heard her you can not appreciate my suggestion but if you have heard her i feel sure you will agree to my plan! It sort of reminded me of the time the mayor used JJ to sing his commercials. I was not surprised when his business made a turn for the wrose!!!! Then, I can not imagine anyone in their right mind requesting Jesse Jackson's presence to solve any problem. I know now that the taliban has to be made up of a group of crazies. Maybe they want him to come over so they can have him for the entertainment at their soccer field that money fromthis country helped to build. Afterall, they have been using women who have commited adultry for the entertainment as they shot them so why not use Jesse - is there a difference. They could put him in a robe and a long veil and no one would know the difference unless he opened his mouth and they would hear the lisp when he said "dont shshshshshoot me"!! Glad to have news of Lacey. No, you have not repeated yourself. So glad she has a steady - surprised she has not had many by now. Give her a hug for me. I still remember her Easter present to me. Tell her to be sure to include me on her graduation list. Not that i will be there but i want to send a present. Glad you mentioned peggy. I had wondered about her and it seems this has been going; on forever. Give her my love. Going to walk at the family life center. so must go now. Oh, thanks ;for the news of the Yarbro house. I bet there was nothing left in that old house but a bunch of absolute junk . You know that family would not have left anything valuable. I wonder what happened to the rats that Cube told mother years ago lived ;in the house. She told Mother that they were larger than cats. I think that was when Frankie Ann and Chucky lived in the house and you know how many years ago that was!! Gotta go. Love Doris

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